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Transform Your Manufacturing Sales

Manufacturing buyers demand more from their sellers. Sellers must upgrade the way they interact with buyers, offering more value during their brief interactions.

Challenges in Manufacturing

The competitive state of the manufacturing market means to grow, a seller has to convince a buyer to look into new offerings. Buyers are overwhelmed, and sellers need to quickly show the value of a new product.

Challenges faced:

  • Transactional Interactions – Most sellers focus on a specific product conversation, and not a long-running value discussion.
  • Low Awareness – Buyers are overwhelmed with competitive offers and are unlikely to know the breadth and depth of a manufacturer’s offerings.
  • Large Number of Products– It is difficult for sellers to track, find and present accurate information on relevant products for the buyer, especially if materials are paper based.

Our Solution

Mediafly transforms sales, enabling sales reps to deliver value in every conversation with manufacturing buyers.

With Evolved Selling™ you can:


Transform Conversations

Turn static transactional conversations into interactive ones, enabling sellers to cross-sell new products by documenting tangible value


Easily Find and Present Content

Make it easy for sellers to find the right digital content, and share it with buyers


Support Distributors

Enable content to be consumed by complex distribution networks, easily and securely


Reduce Seller Admin Time

Save seller’s times by automatically logging interactions to CRM, and tracking what content was shown

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