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Want to close the sale? Change the conversation.

Did you know, according to SiriusDecisions, the number one reason for revenue shortfalls is the inability to communicate the value of solutions to prospects?

While most sales organizations understand the inherent value of their product or service, stale sales enablement practices often hinder their ability to effectively communicate that value to buyers. Because of this, the buyer perceives the product to be much less valuable than it really is and sales are stalled or lost. The consequence is a Value Gap, a divide between buyer expectations and a traditional sales and marketing product or service pitch.

In this guide, we review:

  • How sophisticated sales enablement can help you close the Value Gap
  • How to shift your salesforce from selling features to selling value for more deals won
  • How to ensure you are recapturing the story of your total value in the context of what matters most to your buyers
Download How to Close a Sale by Changing the Conversation to begin improving sales performance by communicating your total value to buyers today.