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A Game of Sales: Top 5 Pitches in Game of Thrones

It might be mid-July, but winter is finally here.

The seventh season of Game of Thrones premieres July 16 on HBO at 9PM EST. When it comes to art imitating life, the show is a prime example of a series that encompasses politics, economics, violence, romance, and the art of the sales pitch. Yes, you read that right. You might be asking how a medieval fantasy show full of dragons, ice zombies, and dark magic has anything to do with making sales pitches. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Below are our top five scenes from the show that can teach you a thing or two on making the perfect pitch. From epic battle speeches to using persuasion to get a loan, these scenes will inspire and teach you how you can enhance your sales pitches, to give you a seat on top of the Iron Throne of sales (if one existed).


5. Tyrion’s Battle Rally (“Blackwater” – Season 2, Ep. 9)

Game of Thrones fans know everything that comes out of Tyrion Lannister’s mouth is pure gold. Taking the lead at the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion is determined to encourage the soldiers of King’s Landing to not give up hope and fight for their city. To keep them motivated, Tyrion renounces generic rewards like honor and glory, instead encouraging the soldiers to fight for their houses, their gold, their loved ones, and their city.

Making it more personal and relatable gives the soldiers a greater motive to fight, as the battle directly affects them. As in real-life sales, when an audience can relate and connect, a project is more likely to succeed.


4. Drogo’s Gift (“You Win Or You Die” – Season 1, Ep. 7) 

There’s no need to be as loud and violent as Khal Drogo, but the sentiment is there. Enthusiasm is what makes Khal Drogo’s speech so great and the other Dothraki men want to listen. His passion to his vow makes the others want to support him. This example applies to sales, where high energy and enthusiasm can make all the difference in having an engaged audience.



3. Tyrion and Jorah Trick the Slavers (“Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” – Season 5, Ep. 6) 

Tyrion once again talks his way out of certain death. In this scene, Tyrion and Jorah Mormont are captured by slavers while traveling to Meereen to see Daenerys Targaryen. The slavers consider taking Jorah as a slave but decide to kill Tyrion (among other highly painful things). Although Tyrion panics, he makes a brilliant pitch.

He keeps his cool and opts for a new plan by improvising. His capture and almost-death clearly shock him, but he keeps it together enough to think on his feet and offer another solution. Life doesn’t always go how we plan, both in Game of Thrones and in sales. Imagine presenting to a company and your laptop glitches or you forget your notes. In situations like these, Tyrion teaches us that maintaining composure and thinking fast can save the day (or life in Tyrion’s case).



2. Daenerys Takes Meereen (“Breaker of Chains” – Season 4, Ep. 3) 

The Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, gives an amazing, powerful speech when she arrives at Meereen to free its slaves and subsequently rule the city. But first, she has to convince the slaves to defy their masters and follow her instead. To do this, she points out how little they are benefitting under their masters, so she offers them a better deal. With this speech, Daenerys proves she is reliable and trustworthy by bringing other former slaves she had freed and presenting their old, broken chains.

This scene is a great sales pitch with a concise introduction, organized argument, and examples to back up the points, including a demonstration. Maybe Daenerys should ditch her chase for the Iron Throne and consider a long, illustrious career in sales instead.


1. Ser Davos at the Iron Bank (“The Laws of Gods and Men” – Season 4, Ep. 6)

Ser Davos Seaworth is a highly underrated character on Game of Thrones, and this scene is one of his best. When he and King Stannis Baratheon needed money from the Iron Bank, Davos must give the bankers a good reason to support Stannis and lend them money. Davos outlines the weaknesses of the current ruling house and explains how Stannis can solve and surpass those weaknesses. According to Davos, one issue is that Tywin Lannister neither keeps his promises nor pays his debts. Davos argues Stannis is reliable and “doesn’t just talk about paying people back. He does it.” Davos shows his sliced fingers as proof that Stannis keeps his word, no matter how gruesome the cost.

This is perhaps the clearest example of sales in Game of Thrones – Davos is literally selling Stannis to the Iron Bankers! Davos’ pitch makes almost anyone want to stand behind Stannis. A half-grown, incest boy as my king? No thank you.



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