Customized Apps

Customize your selling experience from the moment your reps walk through the door.

No matter your industry or selling strategy—your SalesKit apps feel like you and your brand.

SalesKit by Mediafly offers you the flexibility to adapt our solution to the way that your salespeople sell—not the other way around.

Out-of-the-Box Options

  • Custom apps in the Google Play store and the Apple App store
  • Your logo and brand colors for your SalesKit interface, our backend Content Management System (Airship), and login screens
  • Configurable thumbnails and folder icons
Custom Themes | Mediafly

Mediafly Custom Themes

For another level of customization, we’ll work to empower your reps with:

  • An interface optimized for your industry and selling strategy
  • An app built for your salespeople and your customers
  • A new way to sell by pairing Custom Themes with interactive content

See how interactive sales content can add another level of customization and help your reps connect to customers like never before.