How important is enabling your partners a key to their success, and how is Partner Enablemnent best accomplished? In this interview we ask these questions of Murat Guvenc, currently the Managing Director for Accuras - an IBM Data & AI partner. He leverages this current partner experiences and background as a Business Unit Sales Manager for IBM’s Cloud Business Unit to outline the importance of enabling content, tools and storytelling in winning business for partners today.

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How do you handle hyper-growth and not just keep the wheels on, but achieve even greater than expected success? According to this interview with Mark Ebert, the SVP of Sales for 6sense, you have to enable your legacy and new sellers with the right equipment (toolset), right game-film (mindset), and right practice (skillset) to accelerate success. Checkout this great sales leader discussion on exactly how to implement the right sales and value enablement to help overcome hyper-growth challenges and achieve success.

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Is closing a six figure deal any different, now that we are selling all / mostly virtual? This is one of several important questions I posed to the author of "Winning the Six Figure Sale", Jeff Goldstein. Find out why he doesn't think BANT is dead at all, how you need to assure your pipeline is overflowing, and how Inspect, Assess and Coach are vital for sales leaders to get right.

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What does it take to be in the top 1% of sellers, and what can you learn from the best to enable more of your "middlers" to become top performers? We tackled these questions with Scott Ingram, the host of the Sales Success Stories and Daily Sales Tips podcasts, and author of the three great books: Sales Success Stories, B2B Sales Mentors and Finding Sales Success on LinkedIn.

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With accelerating requirements and over 800 different sales enablement solutions, how do you make sure you make the right choices and get what you need for success? In this interview we turn to the expert, Dan Cilley, CEO and Founder of Vendor Neutral, THE go-to-resource, dedicated to helping sales leaders and enablement professionals simplify their sales, content and value enablement technology selection process and advance their practices and performance.

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Buyers say they will do business with a seller that can best: 1) Understand their business 2) Prove value for money 3) Reliably follow-up and communicate This, the latest post-pandemic research revealed for the first time here, and discussed in great detail with Jonathan Farrington, Director of Sandler Research and founder of Top Sales World. Checkout what this research means and Jonathan's take on how to best enable sellers for post-crisis success.

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If you are in sales, without in person trade-shows and conferences post crisis, you don't have much choice but to "cold call" in order to generate enough opportunities. But isn't cold calling dead, and with thousands of other sellers eager to prospect, aren't customers already inundated with too many requests for demos and meetings? How do you break through the noise to connect and engage with prospects, without turning them off? Is it best via phone calls, email or social? What about video and personalization? I am asked all the time how to best enable and train sellers on how to address these issues. Heck, I know what works for me, but I didn't have the answers as to what works best overall. So I sought out the expert, Morgan J Ingram, a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice and Top 25 Sales Development Thought Leader, and a very successful podcaster, seller, sales leader, coach and trainer. In this interview I put Morgan on the spot, to get answers to all my pressing prospecting questions, and hopefully answer yours as well. If you are a seller looking to up your prospecting game, or in sales enablement or a coach who wants to better empower your selling teams, this session is a must listen for practical prospecting advice.

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How do you get that new value enablement program not just off the ground but soaring high? In this interview with Vikas Mundada, the Director of Business Value for Ping Identity, we explore in detail how he designed, developed and launched a new business value enablement program.

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Where are organizations struggling the most in their sales enablement and transformation, and what is working best? How do we get the sales enablement people, resources and budget we need to improve? These are just a few of the questions I posed to the Sales Enablemenbt Sherpa himself, Bob Britton, Director of Sales Enablement for security and networking from Netsurion. He dished practical advice and roadmap guidance for anyone building and improving their sales enablement practice.

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It is well known that Account Based Marketing (ABM) can be leveraged for better outreach and generating closable opportunities, but less know how it can also be used to better get new accounts to revenue and existing accounts to renewal and expansion. In this interview we tap the expertise of Kristina Jaramillo, host of the Stop the Sales Drop podcast and founder of Personal ABM, to explore how an ABM approach, content and mindset can best be leveraged to drive performance.

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In order to transcend the "Death of the B2B Sales Rep" trend, you have to elevate your sales game with a better mindset, skillset and toolset. To find out how, we interviewed Gerhard Gschwandtner, the founder of Selling Power magazine and websites, creator of the amazing Sales 3.0 conferences, founder of the Peak Performance Mindset workshops and the author of 16 books on Selling, Sales Management and Sales Psychology, and 2 books on photography. He outlines exactly how to evolve each of these survival elements to outperform regardless of what the next year throws at you.

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What are the top challenges faced by sales, sales enablement and customer success leaders in 2021? When you run one of the largest peer groups and resources for these leaders and practitioners, you learn every week what's most concerning and what to do to solve each. In this interview with Sales Assembly 's President Christina Brady we reveal what she is hearing every week as to the top challenges this year and what you can do to help address each.

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How do you grow Consumer Product sales despite virtual engagements and a tough business environment? In this interview with Tom Meyers, he is a Vice President of Sales for Conagra Foodservice, we discuss recent food service challenges post-crisis and how his team are not taking these sitting down, proactively leveraging value storytelling, interactive presentations and sales enablement to address customer opportunities and drive much better customer engagements.

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Post crisis, buyers are taking more time, involving more decision makers, more stressed and risk averse. As a result, you may have to rethink and adjust your negotiating tactics to stop the discounting and achieve desired results. To explore these changes and get the best advice, we interviewed Ron Hubsher, the CEO of the Sales Optimization Group, an international sales and sales negotiation consulting and training organization, and author of the book “Closing Time: The 7 Immutable Laws of Sales Negotiation”.

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As more B2B customers are involved in every decision, engage more deeply, scrutinize the financial outcomes of every decision more thoroughly and expect consumer like experiences, the pressure is on Product Marketers to evolved and "do differently". To learn what is expected and how to differentiate, we interview Lance Shaw s a long time Product Marketing leader and currently the Director of Solutions Marketing for data backup, storage and management firm Commvault. We discuss ways to leverage bots, interactive content and value assessment tools to generate more close-able leads, improve customer engagement experiences and drive marketing success.

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As a pre-sales engineer would you ever consider becoming a value consultant? In this interview with Jessica Bell, a Senior Value Consultant for content management and engagement firm Egnyte, she discusses her personal journey from sales / solution engineer to value consultant, and why it was the perfect choice for her.

Jessica shares her techniques for designing a great toolset, better customer value engagements, scaling a value program for success, and how a growth mindset has served her well, regardless of the role.

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