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 Your B2B Startup: Revenue Growth Despite Uncertainty

By Tom Pisello | January 11, 2021

If you have a start-up or early- stage company, you know how hard it can be to get to “Yes” in normal times. Throw in a health crisis, economic shutdown and a bunch more uncertainty through recovery and “good luck”.

Well, you don’t need luck, you need a sales process and system, this according to Scott Sambucci, accomplished consultant, podcaster, extreme athlete, and author of the book “Stop Hustling, Start Scaling”. Now, that’s quite a resume!

In this interview we discussed how to stay positive through all the issues, the importance of refining your process and forecasting indicators, and especially the need to better qualify opportunities.

On what he has learned from being an extreme athlete that applies to selling, start-ups, and scaling revenue…

“The place I always come back to for myself every time I’m running a race is that you’ve gotta run your own race… you’re standing at the starting line, and you look around and you’re like ‘I’m probably faster than that person, or that woman’… and you get out there on the trail and you just don’t know who people are or how fast they are. It’s so easy to look around and say, ‘well, geez, that person’s just up ahead and maybe I can catch that person…’ And when you start doing that it’s that adage that Comarison is the Thief of Joy.

The whole joy of doing a start-up is the journey itself, and when you’re out there on the trail, if you’re out there for a hundred miles, it’s 24 hours. If It’s 200 miles, it’s 3 days or more. And if you’re spending the whole time looking around at other people and worrying about what they’re doing and trying to compare yourself to where they are or how fast they are, then you just lose the whole joy of that Journey in the first place.

So I always tell people Just run your own race. Don’t worry about ‘this company just raised their capital’, or ‘That company just did 10 million dollars’, or ‘ They just hired a new VP of sales, so I should too!’

Do your OWN thing. Run your own race.”

Do your thang, EVOLVERS!

Keep evolving!

Until next time…

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