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Winning with the Right Sales Content and Engagement Experiences w/ Thomas Stubbs (PepsiCo)

By Tom Pisello | August 20, 2021

In this interview with Tom Stubbs of PepsiCo, we got his unique perspective on this dynamic post-crisis environment, his take on the future of CPG sales and enablement, and what you need to invest in now to be successful in 2021 and beyond.

Check out some take-aways below, and be sure to click the link to hear the full episode!

“We’ve got all the various sectors right, we’ve got Frito, and Pepsi beverages, and so on, and we’ve got US versus the global countries, and what this allows PepsiCo to do as a whole is to know that ‘Hey, we all have to go in this direction. So, I feel as an organization we are all working towards the same platforms vs. in the past, the various sectors may have… You know they’re all heading to the city Tom, they’re all driving different vehicles, right? So, it’s allowed us as an organization kind of to streamline those efforts and then what that does is it creates better efficiencies across the sectors, and we’re simplifying the dollar, we are leveraging our dollar in a much smarter way.”

On using “Post meetings”

I think what’s great is… We’re leveraging advantage… our Mediafly platform… We can annotate… What we’ve seen from a lot of our sales reps- They’ll be in the vehicle, they’ll close out the call from there, and then they’ll be able to systematically send over a record from the application to the customer. What used to happen, right, I mean we’ve all been there at some point, is you go back home at night, you’re sitting at a desk, you’re going through a whole pile of paper and to-dos and some you get to, some you don’t, or we get the old “Oh crap, What did I talk to Tom about today? What was I supposed to do for him?” So, we are able to close the deal and recap while it’s still fresh in their minds.”

Listen here!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

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