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Selling the Business Value of Cloud w/ Craig Stanley (VMware)

By Tom Pisello | January 20, 2021

Where are customers seeking value from their Cloud investments? Have the value priorities changed post crisis? And how do companies like VMware collaborate with customers to prove and improve the business value of Cloud?

These are just a few of the questions we explored with Craig Stanley, Group Product Line Marketing Manager and Cloud Economics expert for VMware. Here are a few quotes from this lively and informative interview…

“I think a lot of customers who did not already have a footprint in the cloud are now kind of scrambling to get there with more and more people working from home Being able to support virtual desktop and that sort of thing from home now… If you were already in the cloud you were able to scale and expand, and suddenly the demand for that what, doubled? Tripled? Quadrupled? Almost overnight? There’s not too many IT organizations that were able to handle that sort of thing… Cutting expenses is an important thing right now.”

On the story to tell about a tool…

“Story is most important… I feel that you have to have a story If you just throw up a slide with a bunch of numbers Do you know a comedian might say this story ain’t gonna tell itself. So,let’s put the information up there and tell it in a way that’s meaningful to the customer. Some of the things that I try to do with our presentations, you know, keep the message simple. Keep it high level. Make sure that you tell a story. The audience Has to care about what you are talking about. And so some questions I ask when we are putting these things together are: Does what I am saying matter to them? Is it engaging and most importantly does it tell them something they didn’t already know or does it help them confirm something they did know? If it doesn’t answer or check those boxes, did I just waste their time?”

“Never forget who the customer or the audience is.
And remember that the story has to be important to them to be engaging and compelling.”

Listen here for the full interview:

Remember, we ALL have a story to tell, so tell it well!

Keep Evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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