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Selling Remotely: How to Maximize Every Customer Conversation, Even When Virtual w/ MariAnne Vanella

By Tom Pisello | April 20, 2021

Now that our customer conversations are remote and virtual, how do you engage as effectively as you did when in person?

For answers, I turned to MariAnne Vanella, CEO and Founder of the lead gen consultancy Vanella Group, best-selling author of the award-winning book “42 Rules of Cold Calling Executives, to name but a few of her many accomplishments.

In this interview we explored how you can better connect with executives and engage leveraging a new toolkit, skillset and mindset.

Here are a few take-aways:

The whole skill set of selling remotely… it’s actually a much more complex skill set and it’s a more senior level person because they have to have a very high EQ and very high real time, being able to map conversations and understand communication and being able to communicate when you can’t see your prospect… There are so many elements at work.

On how to enable and arm sellers in this new remote workspace:

It’s really important to have the right tech stack in place. There’re great collaboration tools out there for internal use. Slack and cloud app Project management tools and document share and all of that makes it more effective. On the customer side, you want to test your environment before you bring your prospect into it. So, make sure you test your volume and your modulation, your lighting. Hop on a call ahead of time and record a few minutes and make sure that everything’s right…

What’s most important is figure out what works for you because I’ve seen a ton of variance on how people are doing things remotely and a lot of it is based on their personalities. And this is something that really goes even beyond the sales organization… I’ve seen that people who are introverted do really great working remotely… But people that are extroverted are having a hard time working remotely and working alone and not having that connection. And I noticed there is a great difference there. So, it’s important, (and this is something that leadership needs to do), is make sure that your environment is right for your team. Because in person you wouldn’t have known a lot of these things, but remotely you might say ‘Hey, why is this person doing great? Why is this person over here struggling? And a lot of it could be rooted in their environment.

Check out the full episode here:

Our Environment affects us in many ways, peeps!

Keep Evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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