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Responding to the Digital Sales Shift (Sales and Marketing Management Magazine)

By Tom Pisello | December 17, 2020

The move to virtual selling is not new, but is now almost the only way to engage with customers. What challenges have sellers had with the transition and what are the best doing to embrace and accelerate into digital selling success?

In this article from Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, the ROI Guy Tom Pisello discusses the hurdles to remote selling success, and dishes his recommendations for 2021.

“It’s almost like sellers regress in a lot of ways in online meetings,” says Tom Pisello, chief evangelist at Mediafly, a provider of a sales enablement and content management platform. “Sellers will show up and throw up, using a PowerPoint to drive the whole meeting, which they had moved away from in person. Now that they’re online, they feel like they have to fill that blank space with something, so up goes the presentation and out go the lights of the buyer.”

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