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EVOLVERS Spotlight: Safeguard GEO Calculator

By Tom Pisello | September 11, 2020

When you need to expand internationally, it can be very difficult to understand the total cost of employees to support that expansion.

Safeguard realized how complex this can be, and worked with Mediafly to develop the GEO Calculator, providing executives and leaders with the framework, benchmarks and insights needed to assess the true costs and make smart decisions on how to expand.

    Safeguard uses this calculator as a key market differentiator:

  • In marketing campaigns, to reach out to global HR, outsourcing and expansion decision makers in a value-first manner
  • For search engine optimization and as an on-line advertising landing page, as a value added resource
  • With BDRs and sellers, to fuel value-first conversations and consultative engagements.

Checkout the calculator yourself at:

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