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EVOLVERS Spotlight: HPE Proliant Business Value Calculator

By Tom Pisello | October 5, 2020

When HPE sells it’s Proliant server solutions, it’s easy to talk about performance and features, but not always easy to articulate the business value that customers can obtain with upgrading to the latest solutions.

HPE wanted to improve the ability to not just better communicate, but quantify potential business value improvements to prospects from Proliant upgrades.

Collaborating with Mediafly, the HPE team was able to quickly develop and deliver a business value calculator, accessible from HPE’s corporate website and Proliant landing pages. Providing just a few data points, prospects could self-service explore their challenges, tally potential improvement opportunities, and obtain a business case for Proliant server solutions.

Although easy to use, the business value calculator is no lightweight black box. It provides users with the ability review and edit key assumptions, customize assessment results, and obtain a personalized, third-party validated analysis report.

HPE leverages the tool in marketing efforts for value-add reach-out campaigns, engagement, education and decision facilitation. As well, BDRs and sellers can share the link with customers and walk prospects through the analysis interactively.

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