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EVOLVERS Spotlight: Ansys Discovery Benefit Assessment

By Tom Pisello | August 4, 2020

Ansys had a great solution in Discovery, to help product organizations quickly iterate on designs, accelerate time to market and build better quality products wile improving the way teams managed and collaborated on product development. However, getting customers to understand the potential business value, and not focus on just price and features, was a challenge.

Ansys collaborated with Mediafly to help create a new way to more clearly communicate and quantify value to prospects, creating a self-service value assessment. This value assessment was designed to help customers understand the business value that could be gained implementing Ansys Discovery early in the design process.

The value assessment is used by customers directly to obtain a personalized assessment in just a few minutes. All assumptions and metrics are available to review and customize, to provide credibility in the results. Evidence is provided, to help bolster the customized analysis results.

With this value assessment Ansys was able to fuel outreach campaigns, introduce value earlier into each client engagement, empower customers to clearly understand the priority of addressing the challenges of design and collaboration, and quantify the business value which could be realized driving faster decisions and competitive wins.

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