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How much do organizations spend on Sales Tools for Sales Reps?

By Tom Pisello | September 5, 2020

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According to a study by Smart Selling Tools, the average number of sales tools used by reps ihas grown to 5, including CRM, online meeting tools and esignature, along with more advanced sales enablement, learning management, presentation and interactive tools.

For many organizations however, sellers are being armed with an increasing number of tools, in what many perceive as tool overload.

When it comes to spending on these tools, two thirds of the respondents spend $150 or more per user/per month, a sharp increase from 2017’s survey, which had 66% spending less than $150 per rep.

The survey indicates that sellers are valuing and satisfied most with investments in Sales Enablement platforms, which help make it easier to find, present and share the right content with prospects, versus the other tools like CRM, esignatures and meeting applications.

Click here to read their report: SalesTech Benchmark Survey (profile information required):

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