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5 Must-Dos For A Killer 2020 Sales Enablement Strategy

By Tom Pisello | December 16, 2019

Better quota achievement. Better win rates. Bigger deal size. Accelerated sales cycles. Every company, regardless of size or digital maturity, can benefit from sales enablement and value selling technology, yet less than 8% have taken the leap. Why?

Last week, Tom Pisello, the ROI guy, participated in a webinar, interviewing esteemed Forrester Principal Analyst Dr. Mary Shea to get answers to this question and more.

In the interview, entitled ‘5 Predictions You Can Use To Uplevel Your Sales Enablement Strategy in 2020‘ Tom and Mary discussed the latest Forrester Research for 2020 and beyond, sorting through key sales enablement trends and predictions as to THE key components of successful sales enablement strategies in the years ahead.

Here’s what the interview revealed:

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