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Guest Podcast: How ROI Can Help Bridge the Buyer Expectation and Seller Performance Gap

By Tom Pisello | December 17, 2021

Buyers Need ROI Help making Value Selling / Enablement a Selling Requirement

It’s a weird world where both a buyer and seller are frustrated with the same sales process.

Research tells us that 45% of buyers say sellers are unable to demonstrate an understanding of their business, 34% fail to apply their solution to their unique needs and most worryingly, 50% are unable to prove their products’ ROI to aid the internal sales process.

In this guest interview on The Growth Hub podcast and Alex Moyle, our ROI Guy Tom Pisello, founder of the Elevated Selling Institute and Chief Evangelist for Mediafly, discusses how organizations are working to close the gap between buyer expectations and actual seller performance by proving ROI from their products.

Checkout Tom’s guest interview here:

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