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Go-to-Market Predictions 2022: More Interactions, Increased Collaboration and Business Value Demand

By Tom Pisello | December 6, 2021

Sales, Content and Value Enablement Take Center Stage in these Predictions from the ROI Guy: Tom Pisello

As we move into 2022, go-to-market teams will face customers that are heavily motivated and engaged in making investments to transform while at the same time being more risk-averse and frugal.

What does this mean for your team? Here are my top three predictions, so you are ready to make 2022 your best year yet:

#1 – More interactions with buyers means a stepped-up content game
#2 – Increased collaboration and co-creation with buyers
#3 – The need for business value throughout the customer lifecycle

Checkout why these predictions are important to you and what you can do about it to be ready and capture go-to-market opportunities in 2022.

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