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Gartner: Use Value Management Platforms to Assess and Convey Value to Buyers and Customers

By Tom Pisello | December 16, 2021

Review of Value Enablement Challenges, Solutions and Mediafly’s ValueStory Solution

Technology buyers require business cases for most purchases. In fact, Gartner research reports that that 92% of the time, line-of-business buyers must build business cases for any technology purchase.

And if you leave it up to the buyers, you are sure to run into delays as the buyers struggle to pull together the metrics and calculations. Or you might lose the deal to a competitor who stands and delivers value outcomes.

Gartner’s bottom-line, providers must help by quantifying the business value of their offerings.

However, although buyers need the help and need to clearly understand the business outcomes and value driven of proposed or implemented offerings, sellers often find it difficult to communicate and quantify this value in a clear and credible manner.

To help sellers and the entire commercial organization, Gartner recommends that Product Marketers or the Value Engineering / Consulting teams provide ways to articulate potential — and realized — value to support marketing, selling, retention and expansion efforts – engaging with value throughout the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle.

And this is not just a checkbox item, developing an ROI spreadsheet for sellers to crunch the numbers, or an ROI calculator posted on your website.

Gartner has several poignant recommendations to help improve technology solution provider’s value articulation, including:

Checkout the full briefing and recommendations here, along with a review of Mediafly’s ValueStory® value enablement solutions:

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