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From Seller to Connector – 7 Mindsets to Immediately Grow Your Influence and Impact: w/ Michelle Tillis-Lederman (Author of the book The Connector’s Advantage)

By Tom Pisello | September 17, 2021

Now that selling is virtual, one of the biggest challenges sellers are having in connecting with decision makers. Buyers are inundated with too many reach outs, too much noise, and not enough time.

But sellers don’t have a choice. It’s not like there’s a live event around the corner to meet new prospects, or a way to walk-the-halls to expand existing customer relationships. So, learning how to connect and engage with buyers in a virtual world is a requirement, yet getting this right seems to be difficult for even seasoned selling vets.

In this interview with Michelle Tillis-Lederman, author of the book The Connector’s Advantage, we discuss the seven mindsets needed to become a superior connector, to grow influence and impact.

“You can see they craft the email the exact same way, and it’s always like ‘would love to chat’ and ‘Let’s connect’ and they are doing it theoretically, but we can see between the lines it’s not real. And it’s always just to get on that phone call. You know, I think you CAN reach out virtually, and I am a huge fan of LinkedIn. Personalize that invite. “Hey! I see you know this guy that I went to camp with. How do you guys know each other?’ Or ‘Hey, I really liked this post that you did’ or ‘I see you’re in this industry. Just wrote this article and thought it might be of interest’. You know, something that is just a little bit more personalized. And then, when they do connect, you can extend the conversation. But please don’t ask for a meeting in the next email.”

What do you recommend to the younger, newer sellers?

“Go to your existing clients. Because if you are doing a good job with your existing clients, then they can be a referral, they can make an introduction. If they are happy with you, they look good by providing value to somebody else. And so, it’s a win-win all around for them to make an introduction…And so I would actually go to your existing loyal fan base and say ‘Hey! I would love your advice. We’ve had such a great exchange. Are there other people that you think I could serve in the same way, and is there anybody that you would recommend I reach out to her that you’re open to Introducing me to?’“

There are seven mindsets to grow your influence and impact according to Michelle. These Connectors, according to her are:

Open and accepting
They have a clear vision
They trust
They come from a place of abundance
They are social and curious
They are conscientious
They have a generous spirit

To learn more and hear the full episode, click here!

Connectors are KEY, People!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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