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EVOLVERs Spotlight: Unit4 ERP ROI Calculator

By Tom Pisello | May 11, 2021

It can be difficult for prospects to understand the potential productivity impacts and other benefits ERP improvements can deliver. However, this can be difficult for a buyer to understand, and even more difficult to quantify. And when you are asking a prospect’s organization to make a substantial change and investment, you have to move beyond communicating what a solution can do, to what outcomes it can deliver.

Unit 4 worked with Mediafly to help develop an easy to use ROI calculator, helping prospects directly, quickly and credibly analyze value opportunities and quantify potential business outcomes. The tool can be used by prospects to produce a personalized assessment and report in ten minutes or less. Because every industry Unit 4 markets and sells to is so different, the tool personalizes the discovery questions, assessment and analysis specifically for each particular industry.

Leveraged by marketing in outreach campaigns, lead nurturing and education, as well as sales-led interactive on-line assessments, the ROI calculator has helped to generate more closeable pipeline , differentiate the engagement and get prospects from do-nothing to “Yes” more effectively and more quickly.

Checkout the tool for yourself at:

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