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EVOLVERs Spotlight: Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HPE Servers

By Tom Pisello | July 29, 2021

IT organizations are pursuing accelerated digital transformations, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by modernizing, freeing up “keeping the lights on” costs and overhead in order to gather the funding and resources to innovate.

Red Hat wanted to help IT decision makers understand the potential for achieving these IT cost savings and productivity improvements with Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HPE Servers.

Collaborating with the ROI experts at Mediafly, Red Hat and HPE launched a helpful ROI / TCO Calculator.

The asset, used to fuel outreach and education campaigns for both organizations, provides IT decision makers with a helpful financial analysis as to the IT cost savings, productivity improvements and business benefits of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on HPE Servers.

The tool, in just a couple of minutes, provides a savings and benefit analysis, producing a report that interested buyers can share with the decision committee, executives and finance to inspire change and gather consensus and approvals.

Increased leads and qualified opportunities generated using the tool are captured and shared real time with marketing automation and CRM, helping to foster nurturing campaigns and direct follow up by BDRs and sellers, including access to the analysis report generated by the customer, for smart follow-up and value added recommendations right from the first call.

Checkout the ROI / TCO Calculator for yourself at:

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