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EVOLVERs Spotlight: Cytel Solara Business Value Assessment

By Tom Pisello | April 27, 2021

Solara is a clinical trial design selection cloud platform that combines overall insight and advanced analytics expertise to help accelerate and make clinical trial development more efficient and effective.

The Solera sales and marketing teams wanted to help prospects more quickly understand the potential value that could be uniquely delivered by the Solera clinical trial solution.

Mediafly worked with Solera to better communicate and quantify value earlier in the engagement cycle with prospects, creating the Cytel Solara Business Value Assessment, a self-service value marketing tool.

In ten minutes or less, prospects can input profile information about their clinical trial needs, and the tool helps assess the potential speed, success and savings that Solara can provide.

The interactive assessment quickly and credibly generates personalized assessment results on-line and after registration, delivers a downloaded analysis report, which includes value storytelling and quantification.

As the solution and value proposition evolves, the Solera team is enabled to evolve the assessment tool on their own, helping to keep all value messaging and metrics relevant and current.

Checkout the tool for yourself at:

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