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EVOLVERs Spotlight: Cobalt Iron Compass Savings Calculator

By Tom Pisello | March 22, 2021


Backup solutions have been around for decades, and in fact, where I got my start as an entrepreneur some thirty years ago. So how do you differentiate a newer backup solution and get buyers to know you deliver quite an advantage?

Cobalt Iron has a more modern approach to backup through automated software-defined solutions. Cobalt Iron is the global leader in SaaS-based enterprise data protection technology., helping organizations to reduce complexity, improve security, reduce costs and save time on backup. But how to get across what a modern approach means and how this can deliver tangible savings and benefits?

Cobalt Iron teamed with Mediafly to create the Cobalt Iron Compass Savings Calculator. Available from Cobalt Iron’s website, and used to drive engagement and inspire change / consideration, this self-service tool helps customers quickly figure out how much they can benefit and save from their Compass solution.

Checkout the calculator for yourself here:

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