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Value Acceleration (EVOLVE 2021 Spring w/ NxStage)

By Tom Pisello | April 22, 2021


How do you present credible financial justification to convince economic focused buyers to change?

How do you quickly migrate from ROI spreadsheets to a more effective value enablement solution?

How do you scale the program so all sellers can better communicate and quantify differentiating value?

We explore the answers to these questions and dive into the components and impact a value selling / enablement approach can have in this interview with experts from NxStage, a leading healthcare services provider.

First, Jeff Rains SVP of Sales and Marketing discusses the challenges NxStage faced when discussing their solution with decision makers, and the goals for the value playbook and enablement initiative.

We tapped Nick Castellano, Director of Marketing and Channel for NxStage to show how their original spreadsheet based ROI program wasn’t scaling, and how leveraging interactive value assessment tools and a value enablement approach helped to drive scale, growth, and incredible success.

Checkout the slides here

Checkout the on-demand session here

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