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Articulating Your Differentiating Value, a Requirement in a Tight Economy (w/ Bob Apollo Inflexion-Point)

By Tom Pisello | December 30, 2020

Unless your deal is tied to support both strategic objectives and tactical priorities, unless it is tied to tangible value and business outcomes, it won’t get considered much less approved. This according to sales and marketing consultant Bob Apollo in our podcast interview a short while ago.

He had some incredible insight. Here are a few notable moments…

When asked how he sees the uncertainty in the current environment really reshaping buyers…

“Yeah I think that’s a very great question and I think it’s had a very significant impact and some traditional buying journeys have been completely stalled. But I do think that the buying journeys that have remained active; the ones that are being, you know, actively pursued by customers – have tended to be focused on projects that support both the organizations strategic objectives. But also (and I think that this is really important), their tactical priorities. So you know if I were to think of it from a seller centric point of view I’d be looking for the sort of sweet spot opportunities that are important enough to be actioned. But where it’s relatively straightforward to be able to help the customer to come to a decision about how to proceed.

And on how to create the right value messaging…

“So I think the only way of doing it effectively is to do it in collaboration with the sales organization. And it’s really a matter for me of having a really laser focus on those high priority combined strategic objective and tactical priority issues that you can prove you can solve as well or better than any of their other credible options. And so that means that sales and marketing need to have really good alignment about what are the issues we are really good at solving? What are the characteristics of the organizations that are likely to suffer from those issues? What are the characteristics of the roles or sponsors within those organizations that are most likely to sort of saddle up and lead the drive for change. And I think the final thing then is… what are the trigger events that might happen either inside or outside those potential customers that turn them from being a long-term prospect that’s worth investing into a short term actively worked up opportunity.”

Check out the full interview here!

Keep your eye on the ball, people!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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