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A Step by Step Journey to Optimize Your Value Acceleration Program: w/ Scott Sendel (Palo Alto Networks)

By Tom Pisello | October 6, 2021

It can be difficult to know where to best start, and what steps to take in the journey to optimize your value consulting group and value acceleration program for your organization.

To learn what’s best, we interview Scott Sendel, currently the RVP of Insight and Value Services at Palo Alto Networks, and a long-time value acceleration pioneer and veteran, as Vice President Global Customer Strategy with Oracle, a Senior Principal Value Engineering with SAP and Engagement Director with I2 Technologies.

Creating value programs from scratch as well as being a key component in some worldwide benchmark practices, he’s learned a thing or two, and he shares so many best practices to guide your journey.

On what he is seeing in terms of the demand for a value centric approach today: “The simple answer is, it’s never been higher.

But if you actually look at it in a little more detail it requires a little bit of a historical perspective. So, if you go back more than a decade plus, you know the two of us have been doing this for a while, leading sales organizations, particularly in the technology space began utilizing value centric selling as a journey they began. And more recently, do you know (and this has been evolving), what we’re seeing more and more of is buying organizations are getting more mature and their processes, and almost all or at some level of financial analysis business case and such and things and purchase approval. Beyond that, you know what we’re seeing today is, as I said, this seems to be accelerating everywhere we look… The pandemic has put additional financial stress on many organizations purchase approval processes… also continue to keep more and more strict on hurdle rates and those types of things to move forward In fact we recently had some of our clients say to us “ Gosh, unless you can almost guarantee has a substantial TCO reduction, we are not interested in a discovery process.” “Palo did have an existing value program that was very strong in its own right, but you know the interesting thing about Palo Alto Is the hypergrowth market. So, our portfolio product has rapidly expanded, and sales have taken off, so Even with a good base it needed to kind of accelerate to meet the company demands. that being said, I think for the practitioners on the call, I think that approach I always take is more of a what I’ll call a building block approach. And I think the building block approach is, you really got a look at it and say hey I’m going to create a calculator of some kind, a standard format template for each of your company’s primary solutions… you know, every company’s in a different place, but if you don’t have that, start there. “

Check out the full episode here!

Value is KEY, peeps!

Keep evolving, EVOLVERS!

Until next time…

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