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Day in the Life at Mediafly: Business Development Specialist

“The company culture here is amazing.”

After being at Mediafly for just under a year, Business Development Specialist, Tony Panega, has learned firsthand what the company culture and environment is all about. Working at Mediafly goes beyond a great culture, but is a place where you can really grow your sales career in the tech industry.

“Working on the business development team, you really learn how to grow thick skin, grit and become more confident,” says Tony. “You constantly have to talk to people who have never heard of Mediafly before, which makes you really learn how to communicate our value and teach them what Evolved Selling™ is. You learn how to become a trusted advisor.”

See the rest of Tony’s interview to get more insight on what it’s like to work at Mediafly and how it can advance your career in sales:

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