Just Released: 2023 State of Revenue Enablement
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Sealed Air improves engagement &
enables sales growth with Mediafly

Mediafly optimizes content
for buyers & sellers while effortlessly quantifying projected & realized value

Sealed Air selected Mediafly over competitors based on Mediafly’s seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, superior data and analytics capabilities, and proven customer-facing value calculators.

The Challenge

For years, Sealed Air, a multi-billion dollar, global manufacturer, and the company’s Food and Protective Packaging business operated as two separate entities, enabling their sellers with two different sales enablement platforms: Mediafly and Showpad.

But in 2020, an effort to consolidate platforms across the organization spurred a fresh look at enablement.

The sales enablement platform the team selected would need to help Sealed Air accomplish three main objectives:

  1. Improve strategic account engagement
  2. Move from pitching products to selling value
  3. Promote new initiatives and enable sales growth

Kevin White

Director of CRM, Sales Process & Technology Enablement, Sealed Air

While we had all worked in one tool or the other for a few years already, we did our best to approach the selection process with fresh eyes. I took the names off of all of my evaluation materials right off the bat, so I could make an unbiased decision based solely on which platform would help us drive business growth.

The Solution

The Sealed Air team selected Mediafly shortly before their Showpad agreement expired, leaving just six weeks to build and launch an Enterprise, global-ready sales application on Mediafly.

Together Mediafly and Sealed Air successfully merged four independent libraries from Showpad into one consolidated library in Mediafly.

In the first two months post-launch, Sealed Air experienced 90% adoption among users, a 13% increase in engagement per user, as well as more widespread adoption across the organization than it did with its previous sales application.

In addition to eliminating platform duplicity and streamlining business workflows for increased productivity, the team is already meeting the objectives it defined in the early stages of the project. Mediafly’s next-step content recommendations, ability to personalize Workspaces, content sharing capabilities, and Insights dashboards have helped sellers improve strategic account engagement.

In place of complex spreadsheets, Sealed Air leverages interactive value calculators to scale their value selling efforts and enable their sales reps to share value throughout the customer journey. And with all growth content in one place, the team is able to ensure the success of campaigns, plays, and new product launches

Kevin White

Director of CRM, Sales Process & Technology Enablement, Sealed Air

We utilized Mediafly’s Excel cleanup process to synthesize 25 documents down to 12 and then 10 in four weeks. That was a huge timesaver and helped us speed our time to market. People weren’t expecting a fully developed workspace with three layers of folder structure, globally architected and organized by kick-off, but that’s what we delivered. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the Mediafly team.

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