A Multi-Billion Dollar Hospitality Group Goes Digital To Enable Better,  More Valuable Sales Conversations 

In our initial beta test with just 30 sellers, we attributed an additional $9 million in sales over a 90-day period specifically to Mediafly.


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A multi-billion dollar enterprise used Mediafly to enable its salespeople with the right content, reduce cost and waste, and save valuable time.

The Challenge

This multinational, multi-billion dollar enterprise wanted a sales presentation tool that would blow people away. In a competitive field, they wanted to stand out from the crowd and deliver a unified brand message across a sales team of more than 300 people.

Some of their key considerations when looking for a sales enablement solution included:

• An intuitive user experience

• The ability to cope with multimedia presentations

• Multi-platform functionality

• Offline availability

Mediafly ticked all the boxes — and more.

The Solution

Mediafly’s sales enablement platform empowers salespeople with:

Beautiful mobile sales presentation apps, able to deliver anywhere, any time

True content management - easy navigation and always up-to-date

Analytics and feedback, enabling the creation of data-driven content

Using Mediafly, this food and facilities management services company can:

• Easily access materials, ensuring salespeople can customize their messaging according to each client’s priorities while remaining within brand guidelines

• Improve customer experience thanks to Mediafly’s ability to handle high-tech presentations, including 3D imaging and rendering

• Use HTML forms to easily close deals with digital LOIs, shortening sales cycles and increasing overall profitability


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We’ve been using Mediafly for about six years now, and it’s definitely an established part of our sales process. The ability to create tailored presentations at the drop of a hat enables our salespeople to have better, more valuable sales conversations.

Multinational, multi-billion dollar hospitality group

The Results

This food and facilities management services company leveraged Mediafly to:

Transform the sales process, enabling easy presentation customization and ‘one call closes’

Ensure salespeople can always deliver a standout sales pitch, even in areas with limited connectivity

Help everyone make the most of available content - including new hires who are just getting ramped

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