Streamlining Sales Communication for a Biotechnology Giant

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Waltham, MA | 10,000+ employees

The Challenge

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a biotechnology product development company, was in search of a platform that would help the organization collect and distribute up-to-date sales and marketing content. The key challenge was being able to distribute large quantities of different types of information amongst the marketing and sales team in a very efficient manner. With such a large quantity of products, the organization needed a platform that could handle the complexity of sales and marketing content for their expansive catalog.

The Solution

Before discovering Mediafly, Thermo Fisher Scientific had been archiving and organizing content with software that was not fulfilling their needs. Once working with Mediafly, they were able to use the platform’s tools to align, organize, and distribute content, helping them phase out the previous tools being used. Mediafly’s platform built a better internal communications infrastructure, notifying stakeholders when major changes and advancements were made to the content. This also changed the way the organization could communicate externally with current and potential buyers. The sales team was able to be more nimble and efficient; being able to create a collection of PDFs and videos through a single email that could be sent to buyers.

QuoteMarks “Mediafly is an essential part of our sales campaigns. The team that uses it is really enamored by it, and relies on the platform for their success.”

Digital Manager, Thermo Fisher

The Result

Mediafly’s platform has become a central component for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s sales and marketing processes. The platform has helped the organization understand the success of different marketing campaigns and utilize the platform to track the usage amongst the company’s sales team. Due to the success of the platform, it has extended its usage beyond the organization’s sales and marketing team, expanding their users to the product development team.