Franke Netherlands deploys Mediafly following the success of UK sales app

Franke | Switzerland | 10,500 empolyees

By using Mediafly, Franke enabled their salespeople with the right content, reduced cost and waste, and saved valuable time.

The Challenge

Franke Netherlands has a small sales team selling kitchen worktops, hoods, taps, and a range of products for the foodservice and beverage industry in a B2B environment. Even with a small team, it’s easy to end up presenting different or out of date content to customers.

Franke Nertherlands needed a solution that would provide:

• Access to their resources and material all in one place

• An easy way to update and distribute their materials

• A way to share content directly with customers over email

• Tools to measure the success of each campaign

Fortunately, Franke Netherlands is part of the global Franke Group and their UK division was already using Mediafly. The team at Franke Netherlands saw it in action and instantly knew it was the kind of platform they needed.

The Solution

Mediafly’s sales enablement platform empowers salespeople with:

Beautiful mobile sales presentation apps, able to deliver anywhere, any time

True content management - easy navigation and always up-to-dates

Analytics and feedback, enabling the creation of data-driven content

Using Mediafly, Franke can:

• Access all materials in one place and can tailor their sales conversations to the customer’s interests

• Measure engagement with content to help build a more effective strategy for every campaign

• Leverage data forms to simplify the process of engaging with customers at trade fairs and taking on-the-spot orders

Straight away we have the benefit of going digital. We can easily update materials and share them with our sales team and our customers. We used to print about 50,000 leaflets a year. Now it’s more like 5,000.

The Results

Franke saw impressive results using Mediafly’s solution such as:

It’s easy to track the success of campaigns with built-in reporting and analytics features

Print costs and waste are dramatically reduced

Sales conversations flow more easily, thanks to the simplicity of accessing materials on the app

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