6sense Shortens Sales Cycles with Mediafly’s Value Selling Tools

We had a sales calculator. It was spreadsheets. It wasn’t scalable. But we knew it was meaningful to our prospects, so we used Mediafly to ensure we could insert that experience into every deal.

Latane Conant, CMO, 6sense

Technology | California | 100+ employees

Learn how 6sense refocused its message on the unique value its platform brings to each buyer for more consistent sales experiences and shorter sales cycles.

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Latane Conant - CMO at 6sense

The Challenge

ABM platform provider 6sense serves to help sellers and marketers collaborate in one platform to generate and close opportunities. While most martech solutions remain focused on leads and contacts, 6sense offers visibility into the account as a whole and how buyers are behaving collectively.

  • With an increasing number of stakeholders involved in B2B buying decisions, this approach offers sales and marketing teams better insights into what their buyers are doing so they can prioritize deals that are most likely to close and orchestrate personalized engagement across buying teams.
  • 6sense needed a way to capitalize on the proven value customers receive from the platform and ensure their marketers and sellers consistently lead with value.

The Solution

6sense opted to use Mediafly’s ValueStory®


Communicating the value & benefits of their product


ROI & TCO calculators


Tools available to sellers and partners

We’ve already seen great success and know we will for years to come because of the scalability of the Mediafly solution and the fact that what we’re doing can now be done in every single cycle.

Latane Conant, CMO, 6sense

The Results

6sense saw impressive results using Mediafly ValueStory® including:


Shorter sales cycles


More consistent and engaging buyer experiences


Increased competitive advantage

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