Forrester: 2022 B2B trends sales executives don’t want to miss

By Tom Pisello | December 17, 2021

Key trends in sales, content and value enablement and revenue Intelligence

As you put 2021 behind you and look forward to the New Year, it’s important to understand the latest insights and key trends to set the right strategy.

To help, Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, had the opportunity to interview Rick Bradberry, a Forrester Principal Analyst specializing in Sales Executive Strategies on what sales leaders need to focus on in 2022.

Here are the top five sales leader recommendations that Rick and Forrester indicate you and your teams should focus on:

#1 – Buying behavior has shifted to now be more digital and more team-based decision making, where buyers want more open, connected, intuitive and immediate engagements.

#2 – Sales teams are adopting new operating models, moving beyond just a hire to grow and churn and burn mentality, to focusing on insights, infrastructure and processes and making sure that everything is buyer and seller friendly. Better sales training and proper coaching should be the focus to boost retention and elevate performance.

#3 – Technology is transforming sales, with a rapidly expanding tech stack to cover key internal automation and efficiency, and especially elevating customer engagements. In fact, 30% of sales leaders will invest in tools that make recommendations to sellers about how to best support buyers and their journey.

#4 – The revenue engine is changing, requiring alignment between all commercial teams – from marketing, to BDRs / SDRs, sales, partners, success through account management. When you can align better, Forrester indicates a 36% more revenue growth boost and up to 28% more profitability.

#5 – The future of sales is a bolder frontier, requiring those who want to evolve best to take a 5-Ps approach: Purpose-Driven, Precise, Personalized, Productive and Profitability.

Across all of these recommendations, Rick highlighted the one theme of greatest importance. When in doubt, leverage “customer obsession” as the surest compass.

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