Building the Foundation for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

By Hans Brieden | June 7, 2021

Customer loyalty is essential to every company’s success. This is especially true in SaaS and other subscription-based business models that rely on renewals and expansions to sustain growth. With so many competitive options today, your profitability is dependent on your ability to build trust and brand loyalty with customers.

Keeping your current customers happy and making repeat purchases is key to growth for almost every business. Data shows customers who are devoted to your brand are better for your business:

How to Use Sales Enablement To Improve Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

When was the last time you watched something live? Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, and Disney+, today’s buyers both prefer and expect on-demand and personalized customer experiences. And those expectations hold true whether they are making a consumer purchase (B2C) or buying something on behalf of their business (B2B). 

If you want to satisfy B2B customers, you need to uplevel the buying experience with personalized and engaging content in easy-to-consume formats at every stage of the buyer journey. Sales enablement technology can help you create and deliver this content at exactly the right time and in the right context, every time. Here’s how: 

Use Sales Enablement to Create Consistent & Engaging Customer Experiences

On your website:

With more than half of the buyer journey now happening digitally, your website is your best salesperson. We can all agree that static, brochure sites have gone the way of the dodo. But, if you already have a website that is generating some leads for your business, is it fully optimized to continue the nurturing process and deliver more qualified leads to sales?

A sales enablement platform can help you create personalized, AI-driven content hubs that live on your website, so you can ensure you’re always surfacing the right content at the right time for every customer. You can track what they’re viewing and how they’re interacting with the content so your sellers can engage in more strategic, value-added conversations earlier in the buyer journey.

In Sales Meetings & Follow-up:

A sales enablement platform allows you to put all of your content at reps’ fingertips and make AI-driven content recommendations to help your sellers better address buyer challenges and needs in real-time. From meeting preparation to in-person or digital sales meetings to post-meeting follow-up emails, a sales enablement platform can help reps save time and deliver the most relevant and personalized information to buyers more quickly.


In the subscription age, the sale cycle never ends. How do you ensure you not only close the deal but keep the customer happy and coming back for more month after month? Quantify what’s working.

Value calculators leveraged via your sales enablement platform can help your account and customer success representatives effectively quantify and communicate realized value from the use of your product or solution. If your customer sees a clear return on investment, they can more easily justify the cost and are more likely to keep investing. 

In short, sales enablement technology can help you provide a personalized and value-driven experience that resonates with the buyer from the start of the relationship and ensures that your team can make an impactful first impression that wins the initial business and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

How To Use Sales Enablement To Improve Customer Service

A sales enablement application can also help you align your sales, marketing, and customer success teams for an improved customer experience. This guarantees your entire organization has access to accurate and consistent information no matter where the buyer is in the customer lifecycle. Customer Success can quickly troubleshoot issues that arise using the information in the account history. Sales can appropriately position recommendations for new products or services based on the customer’s existing or new business drivers. And finally, marketing can make account-based content recommendations using sales collateral that’s proven to drive revenue.

Much like the popular streaming services we use today, creating a personalized,  content-driven, end-to-end experience can help you improve the relationship between your brand and buyers.

Leverage Reviews to Drive New Business and Improve Customer Experience

Picture this: you’re trying to decide where you want to order take-out. You could go with one of your familiar favorites, but you’re in the mood to try something different. When searching for this place, how do you determine if the menu and food are worth the purchase if you’ve never tried it? You might read the reviews, right? Or perhaps you were referred by a friend. Regardless, someone else’s recommendation helped you make that final decision. 

Did you know 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to make a purchase after they read a trusted review?

Let’s face it, customer reviews matter, and they have completely changed the buying process by shifting more power into the hands of the customer than ever before. Customers are 270% more likely to purchase a product or service with at least five reviews compared to a product or service with no reviews.

Reviews give you more than just a customer’s perspective on your product or service. Sales enablement teams can and should analyze customer reviews for better insights into the effectiveness of their sales process. Think of these reviews as opportunities to optimize your next sales interaction with a new or existing customer.

Remember, your customers took a risk when they bought into your product or service. Ensure that they’re taken care of throughout the relationship and their needs are being met, and they’ll reward you with reviews that validate the experience you’re providing and help you lock in even more happy customers

Ready to embark on your sales enablement journey and successfully build the foundation for customer loyalty? Download our Sales Enablement Toolkit for more tips and tricks.

Hans Brieden is the PR & Content Marketing Coordinator at Mediafly. He is responsible for developing content that is engaging and informative to drive traffic and support lead generation. Additionally, he manages Mediafly’s public relations initiatives. Hans attended Grand Valley State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Public Relations.

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