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Welcome to the inaugural Mediafly Product Update post!
Product Updates are designed to give our readers a summary of what’s new and improved across the Mediafly system. Expect these posts to brighten your day roughly once every quarter.

What’s new and improved? Let’s get started.

iPad and iPhone

Many of our enterprise customers using iPad and iPhone have a number of new features available.

Preloader/Sync status

iPhone/iPad preloader and sync status

The apps can now show a Preloader/Sync status in the upper right of the app.  The inner circle shows the status of metadata for your items within the folders, and the outer circle shows the status of the preloader. Once both circles have been fully filled, you know that syncing and preloading are complete.

Verbose UI

The iPad app now provides a new Browse Model option, called Verbose.  Verbose provides descriptions alongside images, for customers looking to provide more information up-front.

Verbose UI with ACME Anvil



All Mediafly Android apps now have the capability to link to Dropbox, the popular cloud-based file sharing service. After linking, a new Dropbox folder is created, into which you can drop your media.  Currently, video files, PDFs and images are supported.  Thumbnails, transcoding, iOS support, and other features are coming soon.Android Dropbox integration

Web players (Flash, HTML5)

Flash Player

In addition to all the new styling, Mediafly Flash Player now supports internal, secure document display. Documents appear fully controlled within the Flash Player, ensuring tight security and full control as our customers have come to expect with Mediafly.
Flash Player documents


HTML5 is our newest enterprise application platform, and has been integrated with several enterprise customers.
HTML5 Player compilation


Over the coming months, we will unveil a reporting solution available to our enterprise customers.


The first version will consist of a number of pre-defined charts that allow you to really grasp who your users are and what they have been viewing.  Over time, we will improve this capability and open it up to all of our users.


We’ve made a number of security enhancements over the past quarter, in response to an external audit conducted on behalf of one of our customers.  We’ve built additional security for all API requests and have created even better controls for our mobile/tablet applications that support offline playback, like the iPad.

If you are an existing customer, or simply want to learn more about one of our improvements, please contact your account representative.

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