Transform your mobile device into the ultimate selling machine.

SalesKit is a content mobility and sales enablement solution for sales reps seeking to harness the power of their mobile devices and leverage effective sales content. Plus, it’s the only presentation tool that allows sales reps to tailor as they talk…because we know meetings rarely go as planned.

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SalesKit Empowers…

Mobilized Content

  • Demolish content silos easily and forever
  • Access all content on ANY device
  • Interact with an elegant consumer interface
  • Present with a fully-branded app
  • Track which content produces the best results
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Dynamic Selling

  • Access materials online or offline
  • Tailor content collections for individual presentations at the touch of a button
  • Access talking points, capture key notes, and share meeting recaps from within the presentation
  • Navigate between video, audio, PDF, etc. in a snap
  • Captivate your audience through a uniquely visual presentation experience

Because It’s Powered by MAaaS
(SaaS on a Mobile Platform)

When it comes to integrating client-server applications and data synchronization through mobile applications, most companies think that they have to choose between building a custom app in-house (time intensive and budget draining) or leveraging a high cost provider (what won’t get done so you can pay for this?). There’s another choice. A better choice. Mobile Apps as a Service (MAaaS), the next frontier for Software as a Service (SaaS), is a mobile-first enterprise delivery method providing your team with the full benefits of enterprise mobility, such as:

  • SPEED TO MARKET – You can strategize for years but technology changes in months. SalesKit’s MAaaS-based back end means your solution can be rolled out in as little as 8 weeks.
  • INNOVATION INCLUDED – This is not an HTML5 app, meaning SalesKit is compatible with all of your current devices and will be optimized for any new devices. It’s future-proof!
  • CONSUMERIZED INTERFACE – Elevate your branded enterprise content mobility platform with the elegance of a consumer application.

Producing a Powerful ROI

By partnering with Mediafly, your time is spent enabling the mobility of your sales team rather than on updating constantly changing technology. SalesKit users work smarter, not harder. In fact, our Fortune 100 sales rep users save an average of 3-5 hours per week on meeting preparation and presentation creation. That’s 260 hours saved per year, per rep.

What can SalesKit save you?

Powerful ROI

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SalesKit is a trusted content mobility
solution for individuals, teams, and
enterprises alike.

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